Avra Taverna

About Avra

Memories from Greece

Our heart is in Athens, and we are in Nazareth . 

Avra’s owners have been nurturing their magical affair with Greece- Athens, its landscapes, people and food after living there for more than 14 years.  

From Greece to Nazareth

We opened Avra in front of Mary’s Well, one of the most Valuable places of Holy Land.  looking out to such a view, you will quickly feel on vacation. Surrender to the bouzouki beat, the ouzo aromas and the wonderful flavors of the Greek cuisine. No luggage and no hassle. Greece is here.

Nazareth Greek Style

We could go on and on about how it is like to be the guest of AVRA but no description can properly present the atmosphere, the flavors and the fragrances. We hope you visit us soon so that we may entertain you for a few hours here in little Greece of Nazareth!